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Functional architecture

What sets us apart

Clean, rational and sustainable architecture

Quality, efficiency and speed

We are a competitive technical team with more than 30 years of experience in the construction sector. Constant innovation in the control and management of the construction process allows us to be about twice as fast as conventional locally.

In addition to the use of high quality materials, our designs offer maximum use of the best views, the sun in winter, the shady areas in summer, fresh air and light.


Renewable energy

We use geothermal and solar energy among others in order to reduce as much as possible the heating and cooling expenses while at the same time favoring the environment. We produce plans that illustrate the exact angle of the sun at any time and any day and illustrate how it varies throughout the year.

Good guidance, along with other energy efficiency features, can reduce or even eliminate the need for heating and cooling, resulting in reduced gas emissions and greater convenience.

Customize your home

We take time to carefully evaluate the plot. Feel free to ask questions, we listen to your requirements and your needs to ensure how would you like to feel in your new home.
Now it’s easier for you. We offer a wide range of services including management throughout the construction process as well as the completion of plans and the necessary procedures to begin working. We also take into account:

  • Seasonal and daytime temperature ranges.
  • The microclimate and humidity.
  • The direction of the breeze, hot and cold winds.
  • Local geographic features and adjacent buildings.

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